Program Name
Diabetes Prevention Program Group-based program that takes place over 12 months and focuses on lifestyle adjustments for individuals with pre-diabetes to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Goals of the program include weight loss, increased physical activity, improved nutrition and stress reduction. Bridget Carol
910-251-9622 ext. 274
Diabetes Self-Management Education Individual or group-based program that includes 6 hours of coursework (number of sessions based on length of time) that teaches people who have type II diabetes on how to manage the disease and achieve the best possible quality of life. Goal of the program is better control of blood sugar levels. Lisa Boysworth
910- 845-5333
Vicki Allen (Southport)
Diana Jones (Bolivia)
Chronic Disease Self-Management Education – Coming Soon! Group-based program that includes 6 sessions of self-management education for people with a variety of chronic health conditions. The goal of the program is to build participant’s confidence in managing their health and keep them active and engaged in their lives. Jennifer Bawab
910-579-1300 ext. 6703
Faithful Families Group-based program that includes 9 sessions focused on nutrition & physical activity and is offered at faith-based sites. Any faith group can request the program and it is co-taught by a health educator and lay leader in small group sessions. Morgan Marshall 910-798-7660
Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program Group-based program that focuses on teaching individuals how to eat healthy on a budget through cooking demonstrations and nutrition education. Participants must also qualify for government assistance. Alicia Jenkins
Med Instead of Meds Group-based program that includes 7 sessions and combines nutrition education and cooking demonstrations following the Mediterranean diet; hence the name, “Med Instead of Meds.” Morgan Marshall
Grocery Store Tours Small-group, 1-hour guided tour that allows participants to ask questions and navigate the grocery store for healthy options and how to eat healthy on a budget. Lindsay Maher
Moving for Better Balance Group-based program that runs for 12 weeks and is designed to improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and balance for seniors. Bridget Carol
910-251-9622 ext. 274
Take Control Group-based program that includes 8 sessions of education, goal setting, planning and taking action to develop lifelong, healthier habits. Morgan Marshall