Nutrition Education

Only 1 in 10 US adults eat the recommended amount of fruits or vegetables.

Adults should eat at least 1.5–2 cups of fruits and 2–3 cups of vegetables per day.

Learn to balance eating for your health and eating for taste.BWC offers one-on-one and group based programs:

1National_Nutrition_Month_030116Med Instead of Meds: Group-based program that includes 7 sessions and combines nutrition education and cooking demonstrations following the Mediterranean diet; hence the name, “Med Instead of Meds.”Expanded Food & Nutrition Education Program: Group-based program that focuses on teaching individuals how to eat healthy on a budget through cooking demonstrations and nutrition education. Participants must also qualify for government assistance.Grocery Store Tours: Small-group, guided tours that allow participants to ask questions and navigate the grocery store for healthy options and how to eat healthy on a budget.

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